Life is not meant to be overwhelming, nor should our ability to tap into our true purpose and passion in the world. It can be difficult in today’s day and age to shut out the insistent noise of overstimulation, information manipulation, and consumerism, to get back to the roots of what it means to truly be connected to your inner voice and the different aspects of you that are always at your fingertips. 

The ancients understood the simplicity and the power of the wisdom and guidance of the natural world to teach us how to thrive, as well as initiating us into the inner mysteries of personal evolution. They understood that more than knowing how to connect with the nature of wisdom, it was about understanding that we are nature itself. Thus we possess an intrinsic connection to the planet, the seasons, the elements, and the zodiac wheel, which was created to help us understand not only the evolution of the year but the evolution of the human spirit. 

They mapped out the journey of our planet through the solar system, marked the changes of the seasons, and learned the secrets of the elements.  

I used to feel very disconnected.  I was always very sensitive to energy and environments, but I didn’t understand how to hone that sensitivity and understand it as a natural guidance system.  

I would always notice these shifts that would happen every so often, where it was like waking up in different parts of my awareness.  It felt like, at different times, I would be seeing myself and my world through different lenses.  

For a while, I wondered if I was just crazy or had a chemical imbalance.  But once I started to ground this energy and awareness into my body through spiritual practice, I began to understand that I was feeling the cycles of energy that we go through each year, first through the seasons themselves, through the four elements, and then through the zodiac signs that occur throughout the seasons. 

Each of us has an innate and powerful connection to the planet because we are made of this planet.  The earth has her intelligence, her wisdom, and individual cycles that express different aspects of that wisdom through which we all have the opportunity to evolve as powerful beings. 

We so often feel lost, alone, and confused because we don’t understand how powerfully we are connecting to these cycles at all times. Without the knowledge and awareness of the cycles and how the elements work with us through them, our sensitivity can sometimes become overwhelming and lead to even more of a sense of disconnect. 

Just as we have this powerful connection to the earth, we each also have a connection to our true purpose and passion. We often need to experience this connection with coherence and discernment to trust and receive this fully.

I intend to teach you how to understand and work with your connection. The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac are much more than personality traits we express depending on when we are born.  This is a system of ancient wisdom for the evolution of human consciousness and personal mastery.

The System of the Tarot is equally supportive and connected to each one of these signs.  When we create a practice of intentionally connecting, learning about, and grounding in the Zodiac signs and the cards that are related to them, as the specific seasons are occurring, we can learn to recognize our own relationship to these energies and begin to tune into our own intuitive learning process powerfully.