The 2023

Zodiac Immersion Experience

 $40.00 per month.

Join me for an incredible year-long journey of the inner mysteries of the Zodiac, the four elements, and the Tarot. Learn to unlock the secrets of how they are connected to the seasons of the year and how you can utilize those energies to awaken your connection to your inner magic and awareness.

Your Guide for the Journey

Greetings, my name is Amy Moonsong. I’ve been a student, teacher, and explorer of the mystical arts, spirituality, Esoteric Tarot, Hermitic philosophy, and spiritual alchemy for the past 15 years.  My most profound breakthroughs of how to use this wisdom for practical personal growth have come through my interactions with nature, and discovering just how connected we truly are to the power of manifestation and love if we learn to let go and allow.

Course Features

Your Zodiac Immersion membership includes two ninety-minute zoom calls per month.  Each call will be a deep dive into the Zodiac sign that lines up with the month, resources for how to actively work with the elemental energy of the sign, and education on the Tarot cards that support us through that sign.

Two live Zoom gatherings per month

We will meet at the beginning of each Zodiac sign season to do a deep dive into the energy and learn how we can use it to develop our own personal power and awareness.  We will meet again towards the end of the season to do an integrative gathering and discuss what we have learned and experienced throughout the month.

Seasonal Practice

Learn how to work with the seasons of the year to tap into the natural flow of the energy of the earth.

The Four Elements

Learn to use the four elements physically and symbolically to strengthen your sense of self, physical groundedness, consciousness, and emotional awareness.

Learn the Zodiac Wheel

Learn the entire Zodiac wheel and discover the hidden powers of spiritual alchemy inherent in each sign.

Learn the Tarot

Learn how the tarot and the Zodiac work together to support our journey of empowerment and the pathway to our true selves.


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Questions First

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